Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Addiction counseling

Quite some time ago after attending a few weekend courses related to addiction I became interested in working with this population of people. I realized that I honestly have a heart and the ability to be empathetic towards those struggling from addiction and unlike most I realize the addiction for what it is. So I became interested in counseling those who suffer from addiction and their families and in fact I still am. There are many addictions for example alcohol, drugs (various kinds), gambling, sex and pornography just to name a few of the most common.

ANYONE can become an addict, even those of you reading that sentence and thinking silently to yourself not me....yes you can. No one sets out to become an addict. No one sets out to allow a substance be it alcohol or drugs to control their lives and damage those around them. If you were brave enough to ask someone who is addicted and had an open heart I bet they would tell you the same thing. I am also willing to bet that most of you know someone who suffers from an addiction and I am also willing to bet that most of you believe that if they REALLY wanted to quit/stop they could. Addiction is not quite that simple, if it were NO ONE would be addicted. Take a look at the cycle of addiction below.

Addiction normally starts out in a harmless way...drinking on the weekends with your friends suddenly starts to happen every other night and before long you're drinking daily, you tell yourself it is normal and you could stop if you really wanted to, for some that is true but for the majority it is not quite that simple. Many use their addictions to self medicate to treat other untreated and/or undiagnosed mental health disorders. Again addiction is not as simple.

The point of this post is to make you stop and give a thought to those who suffer from addiction and try to understand that addiction is very complicated and not easy to treat. If you would like more information about addiction head on over to Google and type in treatment of addictions and you will find a vast amount of information. If you would like some specific recommendation feel free to contact me.


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