Sunday, February 23, 2014

Long time no post......

I get notifications at times from people still reading this blog! I feel like such a slacker for not keeping up my postings as I did. Hoping to start posting again at least once a week.

For now I will give you a little overview of my current life.

I am still in the Adams State University Masters in Clinical Mental Health counseling program. I have 10 weeks...yes you read that right 10 week until I am DONE!!!! On March 8th I go and sit for my CPCE exam which is required in order to complete my program. I am busy studying for that on top of taking care of my new baby :). We decided to add to our family and baby T was born November 23rd @ 37 weeks on the nose weighing 6lbs 1oz via natural childbirth thanks to a 3.5 hour labor from start to finish!

I hope to start posting more as I have a lot of things to post just not enough time to post them all....

IF you have any questions please feel free to post them and I will do my best to answer them.



  1. Hello Allie,
    First of all, Congratulations for new person comes to your family!!! I can imagine how cute she/he is! hope, his/her life would be full of luck and health...

    I am interested with your blog because I wanna also be study master in psychology. My path probably would be harder than yours because ı have graduated from economics..
    Well, what I mean is that I would like to read your experience about master and/or if you think that you are gonna write about psychology , I would like to read them...


  2. Hi Allie,
    I wanted to think you for writing this blog. It looks like I will be going to Adams State through the same program. I would love to hear how you view the program now that you have finished it. There isn't much online about this program online that I have been able to find so any suggestions would be great. Congratulations on completing your master's!
    And of course congratulations on your new family member!

  3. Hi Allie, I am also looking into Adams state and need a some advice about the time element to complete. I have 5 kids at home and a busy life and need some idea of the amount of hours spend each week on classes so I can judge whether this is a good time to start of not. Thanks so much!! Sheryl