Monday, December 31, 2012

Not one but two.....and the dance of therapy

So after moving here in May and spending months searching for an internship only to land one then decide it wasn't going to offer everything I needed or wanted and then start searching for another only to land that one is awesome! Yes you are reading that right I have not one but two internship sites now! I start the 2nd site next week by becoming involved in a process therapy group. Excited. Nervous. Stoked. Unsure.

You see while you are in school and before you starting doing your "real" experience courses unless you have been previously involved in therapy in some way it sounds magical. Magical in the sense that what you read or hear from others sounds like a magical process in which two people dance together so seamlessly you can hardly tell there are two dancing. Therapy is a dance. But I don't believe it is seamless at least not in the beginning.  It takes time to learn each others moves and begin to step together at the right time.

So I am nervous but excited to begin this journey. I am ready. I am ready. I am ready (maybe if I repeat enough it will do something to the nerves?).

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